IT Project Management Consulting

IT project management landscape changes rapidly, as new technologies integrate and often replace legacy technologies. There are many considerations to factor into an IT project for it to be successful, an the failure reate of IT projects is higher than an IT project manager may realize. IT project management is as human-resource related as it is financial and technical. When working with resources on an IT project, the IT project manager must successfully interface with technical resources such as network engineers, security architects, and software programmers with equal effectiveness as financial executives such as the CFO and CEO, as well as end-users. As the primary spokesperson for the project, an IT project manager would ultimately be responsible for the smooth flow of communication between groups of people that normally have little or no contact with one another in a project, and rarely understand each other’s project needs.

A1 Enterprise IT project management consulting offers significant benefits to organizations with and without in-house IT project management staff. With our tailored project guidance and control systems, we increase management effectiveness and end-user results by bridging gaps in the project management process which ordinarily go¬†unnoticed, yet significantly impact the project. It is often the case where project management strategies or lack thereof is never discovered, or is discovered far after the project has been completed, or failed if that’s the case. Our primary focus for IT project management is in communication, organization, and accountability. Project management extends into the activities of all resources on the project, including both technical and non-technical end users. By training end-users on the project management process, and expectations, much needed project support is offered including the benefit of pre-release end-user training to avoid misunderstandings while reducing post-completion training time and costs.